Made from non asbestos material which accords with EU standard

Special grinding technology ensures the well matching between pads and its contary parts,enabling it to supply original brake torque and safe driving

No squeal no dust,brake with comfort,long life

Stable braking performance under various road conditions :
Fulgoal brake lining with special friction material formula can reduce the fade effectively to ensure stable braking performance under various temperature and road conditions .
As brake lining often work in a wide temperature range ,it requires that the brake lining must maintain a stable performance in different temperature to ensure that the commercial vehicle can brake timely.
Fulgoal brake lining is verified and ensured the stable performance though high temperature performance testing and dynamometer testing


Dyno performance & wear test show under high tempurature,the friction material more stable,less wear

To finish the Dyno Drum Crack test,there are no heat checks or surface cracks evident.All other test hardwear appears in good condition.